Tourist and housing complex “Apartments” (TSAP) is located in the extra zone of the tourist center in Jagodina.
The tenants of the tourist and housing complex “Apartments” have a reception that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
The maintenance service takes care of all the needs of TSAP, maintains all installations, arranges the corridor, greenery, flowers, services the lighting system and lifts, and tries to recognize uninvited guests in this closed housing complex.
“Apartments” provide district heating for their tenants, which is maintained at stable 24 ° C (if necessary, the heating works 24 hours a day, non-stop). Heating is activated when the temperature drops below + 12 ° C, regardless of the month and day. The price of heating is determined on the basis of the Decision of the city of Jagodina and the regulations that apply to the delivery of district heating in the city of Jagodina.

“Apartments” have their own on-call service which provides emergency services to its tenants. All other services can be provided upon request.
“Apartments” are equipped with original KLEEMAN Co. lifts and have 2 authorized servicers at their disposal, who are constantly present as on-call electricians at the “Apartments”.
“Apartments” are equipped according to the highest European standards and all flats meet the standards of energy efficiency, as well as the highest standards regarding noise reduction.
Entire tourist and housing complex is covered with surveillance cameras, firefighting alarms, above ground and underground hydrant network, the soakaway system.
The tenants also have at their disposal fenced car park – 100 meters from the entrance into the complex at Brace Dirak street.



CONTACT PHONE +381 62 741 111