VISOKOGRADNJA INŽENJERING LTD currently employs 167 people in several sectors. Construction engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, hydro-mechanical engineers, and architects provide great safety with contracting the projects that are planned from the point of view of performing these projects. Large number of mechanics, technicians, mechanical technicians and drivers operate significant number of excavators, loaders, trucks and other construction machines for all types of installation works. We are very proud of the exquisite team of welders and gas technicians that have the references of over 1000 km of gas system pipelines for CU and PE installations at low and medium pressure.

VISOKOGRADNJA INŽENJERING LTD independently plans and executes various projects, from housing development to production factories of great system complexity. In its references, it has more than 30,000 m2 of built apartments and over 100,000 m2 of industrial plants that have been handed over to satisfied customers. We should also point out the Zoo and the City Stadium in Jagodina as non-standard facilities that we successfully built in 2006 and 2010.

VISOKOGRADNJA INŽENJERING LTD also manages the Public Customs Warehouse for third parties at the Customs Terminal in Jagodina, TIR parking lot and CNG Station with 6 filling points, rents a cargo loader and pallet trucks for loading and unloading aircraft; furthermore, our company opened Wing Club Hotel with several great restaurants and Wing Club Apartments as an addition to the accommodation capacity in the most beautiful part of Jagodina.