luxury houses - Dedinje, Savski Venac, Belgrade


Luxury building with 6 residential units at the address in Belgrade, Diana Budisavljevic 16-26, Dedinje, KO Savski venac

Unique spacious concept and top quality materials for perfect individual living.

In an exclusive part of Dedinje, at an address that captivates with its elegance, a new building will be built, that will be located on a trapezoidal plot of 1741 m2, and built with a special attention and quality materials in order to meet the highest aesthetic and visual standards.

Our villas represent the pinnacle of exclusivity, elegance and comfort in the world of real estate. These luxurious residences are located in a very attractive location, surrounded by beautiful landscapes and nature. They are a symbol of prestige and status, and they provide their owners not only with living space, but also with a superior living experience. Dedinje, known as an exclusive Belgrade neighborhood, offers a peaceful and pleasant environment, while at the same time it is very close to important city locations such as schools, La Sante Clinical Center, Hospital, White Palace and many other important institutions. 

The architectural concept of the building is perfectly adapted to the character of the environment and the regulations of the spacious unit concept of Dedinje. The building consists of six luxury residential units, each unit has a basement, ground floor, first floor, its own garage and garden space. The building is characterized by extremely high standards in terms of architecture, design and quality of materials. Every detail has been carefully designed to create a harmonious and luxurious space.

One of the main advantages of this building is its ambience. Carefully planned residential units provide maximum comfort and functionality. Each unit is designed to make the most of the available space and give the residents a feeling of complete spaciousness. All rooms are organized in a way that allows privacy and comfort, and large glass surfaces bring light into every corner of the unit and beautiful views of the surroundings. Visual and aesthetic standards have been brought to the highest level by using premium materials that are both durable and attractive. The facade of the building combines modern style with classical elements, creating a harmony with the environment.

The exteriors of the villas include spacious gardens and elegant terraces. They are carefully designed to provide privacy, but at the same time allow you to enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

Apart from aesthetics and luxury amenities, safety is also a priority. The sophisticated security system provides the owners with a sense of security and peace of mind, and the building materials and construction techniques guarantee exceptional strength and resistance to external influences, providing the residents with a peaceful and safe life.

The interior of the luxury villas exudes elegance and sophistication. Spacious living rooms, formal dining rooms, modern kitchens and bathrooms are made of the highest quality materials such as marble, high quality wood, glass and metal, in order to achieve a superior aesthetic impression.

It is important to outline that our villas attract all those who want to enjoy supreme comfort and privacy. These villas are more than homes – they are havens where an unforgettable experience is created, and in the world of luxury villas, uniqueness and exclusivity are key elements.

PURCHASE – The villa can be purchased with the repayment of 12 years, with guaranteed interest for 2 years of 7.5% per annum. Interest is paid once a year, according to the calculation made on November 1st of each year for the previous 12 months. The minimum payment is the payment of the amount of tax (VAT) that activates the sales contract. Payment can be made in foreign currency and in dinars. The villa can be paid off earlier, according to the dynamics determined by the buyer without any further additional payments.

Conceptual Design
Gallery 6.09.2023
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