sport tourist complex

VISOKOGRADNJA INŽENJERING D.O.O. is building a complex of four buildings within the green oasis “Park Wing Club” which will consist of:

  • Building 1 – sports hall for basketball and other indoor sports that will operate within the International School Crnjanski (Cambridge International Assessment School Crnjanski Jagodina) in Jagodina and expand its facilities;
  • Building 2 (Small Tower) – swimming pool for the youngest (5×8 meters), locker room, showers, hall with reception and facilities related to sports activities, conference hall, additional gallery on the upper floor above which rises an apartment block with 40 smaller housing units;
  • Building 3 (Pool Hall) – swimming pool for non-swimmers of younger categories (8 x 12 meters), pilates, aerobics, fitness for children, with a small grandstand, and swimming pool (12 x 25 meters) with a large grandstand, command room with devices for monitoring water quality and safety of swimmers, space for organized groups, gathering and rest, showers, lockers and locker rooms;
  • Building 4 (Great Tower) – hall with reception, entrance to the pools, reception room and cloakroom; an apartment block with 60 apartments and suites of different sizes will be located on the upper floor.

Crnjanski Sports Center (SCC) is planned to be an integral part of the CRNJANSKI RESIDENTIAL AREA, which will by the end of 2024 consist of two garages with six floors each, access roads and pedestrian zones from Čočetova Street, Tome Miloševića Street and potentially from Kneginje Milice (Main) Street.

Proximity to school and kindergarten, resolved issue of parking within the residential area, landscaped areas, restaurants and finally sports facilities in the area, above all, the aforementioned indoor pools that should add special exclusivity to the location, which is surrounded by cultivated greenery on an area of 25,000 m2 are unique and unsurpassed at this moment in Jagodina.

VISOKOGRADNJA INŽENJERING D.O.O. is an established investor and builder in the field of construction, with tens of thousands of square meters of built apartments and other residential areas, as well as hundreds of thousands of square meters of built halls and facilities for public use without a single objection or dispute in its 15-year practice. This time as well, the boundaries in quality will be pushed with the new three-layer glass “four seasons” filled with argon and aluminum joinery, thermo-blinds, swivel tilting mechanisms and high-class fittings, first-class parquet (tarkett) and granite ceramics, high-class stone.

Reception, entrance-exit control, fenced and covered with cameras, the space provides additional security and preserves the quality of life which will be more closely regulated by the Rulebook dealing with technical issues, details, services and fees provided and used by the Maintenance service that will be in charge of the Residential area, as well as provide the highest quality service for owners of certain parts and apartments in Crnjanski Residential area.

The pandemic that affected all forms of social life in 2020 temporarily had an impact on the dynamics of construction and resolving property and legal issues, as well as providing quality communal infrastructure.

VISOKOGRADNJA INŽENJERING D.O.O. does not give up on its own principles and standards by which it works and builds sustainable housing in Crnjanski Residential Area so that the connection to communal infrastructure, road and access planning, fencing and demarcation of the site, construction of basic facilities is in full swing since mid-2021, and completion of rough phase of construction of all 8,500 m2 planned in this project is to be completed in December 2021. Final completion of all facilities and their functional commissioning is planned by the end of 2022 and mainly depends on the deadlines and deliveries of materials imported from large suppliers, so there may be minor shifts in that ultimate goal.

VISOKOGRADNJA INŽENJERING D.O.O. is doing everything in its power to prevent that from happening.

CONTACT NUMBER: +381 62 745 746