sport tourist complex

VISOKOGRADNJA INŽENJERING DOO is building the complex of four facilities within the green oasis Park Wing Club that will contain:

  • Facility 01 – Sports hall for basketball and other hall sports that will perform business within International School Crnjanski and add up to its current contents;
  • Facility 02 – Front desk, playroom for the youngest with the pool of 5×8 meters, SPA Centre, lift, 40 smaller housing units – students’ accommodation;
  • Facility 03 – Swimming pool hall, smaller pool 12x 8 meters and bigger pool 25×12 meters, the facility for leisure time and rest, courtsides, locker rooms and lockers;
  • Facility 04 – Front desk, swimming pool entry, reception and wardrobe, lifts, 60 flats and suites;

Upon the finalization of all facilities, which is expected towards the end of 2021, Sports Centre Crnjanski will become an integral part of the contents that already exist and are related to International School Crnjanski and Preschool Institution Kids Club. When construction fences are removed and additional space of 5000 m2 is arranged, it will be an exquisite and unsurpassed place with fantastic green areas of over 10000 m2 of open space with large trees of various types that will provide a unique experience to all that are accommodated here.

Restaurant Park, managed by Wing Club Hotel, is an extra advantage that will be at the disposal to all the users, and especially to the tenants that opt for renting or purchasing an apartment or suite above the Sports Centre Crnjanski in one of the two towers that are being built.

All tenants will have the opportunity and the right to use the pools and other facilities when they are open for recreational users, which is the best news for everyone who is thinking about it.

Wing Club Hotel and the Maintenance service of the tourist and housing complex is in charge of working daily on arranging lawns, maintaining the area, taking care of elevators, as well as outdoor and indoor lighting system, security service; it also does minor repairs and is available to all the users and tenants of the complex 24/7.

All the premises, from Wing Club Hotel and Kids Club Preschool, International School Crnjanski and parking lot for tenants, on one side, a fantastic park in the middle, to Sports Centre Crnjanski and facilities with swimming pools, Spa and flats and suites on the other side will be completely fenced and secured, which guarantees that everything will be nice and tidy, to the satisfaction of all future tenants and users of these facilities.

VISOKOGRADNJA INŽENJERING LTD emphasizes these possibilities and advantages in the hope that it is a perfect fit for future tenants and users, their needs and the needs of their families, for enrolling children in kindergarten and school, sports activities for all ages, hedonism and excellence of all kinds.

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