When we established the CNG station, we wanted to provide our customers with easy access to the highest quality gas. The satisfaction of our customers is also our best advertisement.

In order to offer more to the market and maintain a successful business, we have created a balance between excellent quality and affordable prices.

The work of the CNG station has enabled us to maintain the cheapest prices of compressed gas in Serbia for two years at the price of 96 (ninety-six) dinars, which is still current and whose growth is not expected until the New Year.

Within the complex is a CNG station, which is 800m away from the toll ramp Jagodina and is located along the highway E-75. The station is designed and built to successfully serve:

• Buses (NGV2 connection);
• Trucks (NGV2 connection);
• Automobile / taxi vehicles (NGV1 connection) and
• Trailers, platforms and bottle batteries for remote consumers.

CNG has 4 tapping points, and the capacity of the compressor is 1500 m3 / h, which reduces the time of cng injection to 10 to 15 minutes for the tank of one truck or bus, which is enough to cover a distance of 400 km.

We especially emphasize the great advantage of natural gas (methane) in relation to liquefied petroleum gas, and what distinguishes it is its stability, extremely high flash point and the fact that it is lighter than air.

The energy value is 150% higher than any conventional fuel and is not a comparable environmental component. The engines are clean and therefore more durable.

Checked the cheapest prices in Serbia

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